Virtual Card Catalog | U.S. Copyright Office


Virtual Card Catalog | U.S. Copyright Office


The VCC has been confirmed for use with current versions of the following: Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Internet Explorer 11. Other browsers such as Netscape as well as out-of-date browsers may work but potentially could show less than optimal behavior when used with the VCC.

Choose Index

Using the mouse, hover over the index you wish to select and click once the index has been highlighted.

Browse Drawers

After selecting an index -- a partial set (pages) of drawers will be displayed. Choose the page size from the drop-down list. Use the vertical scroll bar to navigate up and down within the current page of drawers. Use the horizontal scroll bar to navigate between drawer pages.The set of drawers displayed may be filtered by selecting the first character of the drawer name – BY LETTER or filter the drawers by providing a character string in the “Search Item” box – BY NAME. Select the drawer to continue to the card images by clicking on the drawer.

Browse Cards

After selecting a drawer -- a partial set (pages) of cards will be displayed. Choose the card page size from the drop-down list. Use the horizontal scroll bar directly under the card images section to navigate between card images within the current page. Select the card image for viewing, saving, or printing by clicking on the card image. The CARD VIEWER displays the selected card image along with the other cards on the page. Use the previous and next arrows to navigate within the card viewer or using the vertical scroll bar on the CARD GALLERY to navigate between card images. From the card viewer, the card image may be added to MY FOLDER, Printed, or Saved. To print the image, click on the Print option within the viewer, or to save a card image to your device, right click and choose save.

Zoom Cards

To zoom in on the card image, double-click on the image displayed in the card viewer. The scale of the image will increase, and a zoom box is available to select the part of the enlarged image you want to view. To remove the Zoom Box, double-click on the card image.

My Folder

Click on the + folder option to add the image displayed in the CARD VIEWER to MY FOLDER. You may add up to 25 images to MY FOLDER. To open MY FOLDER, click on the folder on the Menu Bar. Use the scroll bar (Gallery) or arrows (Viewer) to navigate. Remove an image from MY FOLDER by clicking on the – folder option from the CARD VIEWER display. From here, you may also save and print a copy of the displayed image.


Feedback is collected to improve the VCC and report any issues that have been noticed. To access the Feedback Option, click on the FEEDBACK option in the menu bar. The Feedback form contains 2 questions with drop down lists and a 256 text window for comment. Choose the most appropriate classification for About and Category and enter your comments in the Description text block. Type the answer to the question, then click on SUBMIT.


This Proof of Concept is not a final version of the planned Virtual Card Catalog (VCC). The purpose is to validate the VCC’s feasibility and to verify its potential use for the public. The images are presented in a similar filing order as found in the physical card catalog and may contain filing errors and corrupt images. We are working to identify technical issues to update and improve the overall functionality. Your feedback will provide input into improving the VCC. This Proof of Concept does not replace or supersede existing search practices established by the United States Copyright Office and the results should not be relied on for legal matters. For information on searching Copyright Records, refer to the circular“How to Investigate the Copyright Status of a Work.”If you would like to request removal of personal information from the Virtual Card Catalog please refer to the circular “Privacy: Copyright Public Records.”