Virtual Card Catalog | U.S. Copyright Office
Virtual Card Catalog | U.S. Copyright Office

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Virtual Card Catalog | U.S. Copyright Office


To minimize the number of drawers for browsing, filter the drawers by time period, by first character of drawer labels, and by character strings within the drawer’s label.




To minimize the number of card images for browsing, filter the cards by a single string (word or phrase), or by multiple strings using Advanced options with Boolean operators.

Note:The metadata linked to the card images is raw and may contain errors. Unable to Locate Cards?


This Proof of Concept is not a final version of the planned Virtual Card Catalog (VCC). The purpose of the VCC Proof of Concept is to test if this system can be used for online public access to the physical Copyright Card Catalog. The images appear in roughly the same filing order as the physical cards, but filing errors and corrupt images may cause some images to be in the wrong place. Enhanced browse capabilities are limited because data capture technology is not entirely accurate. We are working to update and improve overall functionality. Your feedback is essential to improving the system. This Proof of Concept does not replace or supersede existing search practices established by the U.S. Copyright Office. Any results obtained during the course of your enhanced browse are not reliable for legal matters. For information regarding searching copyright records, please refer to Circular 22 “How to Investigate the Copyright Status of a Work.” For information regarding the removal of personal information from the Virtual Card Catalog, please refer to the Circular 18 “Privacy: Copyright Public Records.”